The main reason for the start up of the company


Last year my husband and I had our first baby and unfortunately, she suffers with skin irritations. For months we had her hands and feet covered to prevent itching. I tried all the ointments and creams on the market and nothing seemed to work. Not only that, the creams you tend to buy contain chemicals which can be harsh on babies' skin. I was also

worried about her fine and gross motor skills because her hands and feet were constantly wrapped up. Having knowledge and understanding about natural remedies I started experimenting and I have found a combination which soothes and naturally moisturises my daughter’s skin. Not only has this helped my daughter, but friends and family too, word spread and now the wider community who experience similar issues too.

As you may have read naturallittlebee was formed because our baby started life with sensitive and dry skin. Trying a huge range of baby products marked natural and sensitive made a relatively small impact and many just felt greasy and watered down. After a lot of research we started using a lot of raw coconut and raw shea this had a dramatic impact and these now form the base of our allergen free baby balms and allergen free baby soaps. These products are very sensitive and the raw fats in these products do genuinely hydrate and soothe your babies’ skin

Why use the baby bee soap as a shampoo bar?

If you have been using synthetic shampoo’s and use the baby soap just be aware the natural oils in your hair will unfortunately have been stripped by the acidity of the synthetic shampoo. Natural shampoo or shampoo soap will re-calibrate the PH levels in your baby’s hair. Just a couple of washes with the soap (depending on how long you have used a synthetic soap) will leave your babies hair feeling smooth and shiny.