Baby soap

Designed to moisturise and soothe skin. Great as a baby shampoo bar too. Very versatile and contains organic unrefined butters which are perfect for your babies’ soft skin. It can also be used for cradle cap and sore skin.

Cold processed soaps—all of my soaps are made from natural oils which forms a natural lather on your skin unlike synthetic soaps. This  means the soap must be stored out of water after  use.

Baby balm 

Formulated with the highest quality organic unrefined ingredients and local beeswax. Please note- these are not diluted with refined or cheaper oils or water. It is designed to soothe dry and eczema prone skin as well as day to day napy rash and dry skin, cradle cap and sore skin. 

tweed valley heather honey and raw beeswax used to make naturallittlebee baby allergen free products

As you may have read naturallittlebee was formed because our baby started life with sensitive and dry skin. Trying a huge range of baby products marked natural and sensitive made a relatively small impact and many just felt greasy and watered down. After a lot of research we started using a lot of raw coconut and raw shea this had a dramatic impact and these now form the base of our allergen free baby balms and allergen free baby soaps. These products are very sensitive and the raw fats in these products do genuinely hydrate and soothe your babies’ skin