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On this page you can find our whole range of products. All of our products are produced ethically using high quality ingredients bought from reputable vendours. Our products are not diluted and this means they are long lasting and go a long way.

Our lip balms contain no artificial scents or chemicals that can be harsh on skin, they all contain raw fats which help to hydrate and enrich skin. Using pure argan oil in our lip balms helps to further develop these amazing properties. The natural lip balm is completely free of allergens but not free of the ingredients that are so good for your skin.

Our salves contain beeswax and honey. Honey is an antimicrobial and anti-bacterial this means that it helps to ensure great skin health and appearance. The essential oils used in all of our products are 100% pure and are derived from 100% natural sources. All of these factors build to hand and skin salves that generally make an impact of your skin.

Our soaps contain high volumes of cold pressed olive oil and canola oil instead of cheaper mechanically recovered oils from cheaper vegetable sources including palm and its derivatives. that constitute the majority of even organic and high quality other soaps. By using significantly higher quantities of premium products such as shea and raw coconut these soaps go a long way and leave your skin feeling amazing. We have strong opinions on the impact of palm oil and you will not find palm or any palm derivatives in our entire range.

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