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Bikeradar say our ‘chamois cream does a good job of protecting your backsides skin on long rides’ What more could you ask for

Why is natural little bee chamois different?

Chamois Balms typically contain high quantities of parabens and alcohols all of which are harsh on skin and seemingly wrong to include in a product that exists to protect and soothe skin under prolonged and harsh use. Our Chamois was born in the Tweed Valley on the infamous Golfie, a place where you spend the majority of your ride caked in glorious Scottish mud and the ultimate testing ground made with organic ingredients.

The Chamois is not our first product nor the reason that Natural Little Bee exists. It actually started thanks to the founders Daughter, who suffered with sore and irritated skin from birth. After working through all the chemical based products that did nothing for her skin we arrived at a mix of Shea, Coconut and our super ingredient Beeswax which had an almost immediate impact on her skin.

Beeswax is an amazing ingredient, and the ‘Big Chamois’ manufacturers know this which is why many of the feature ‘synthetic beeswax???’, water and cheaper oils which act as a thin film rather than an effective barrier. Beeswax is a humectant this means it helps your skin to absorb and retain moisture to keep it from drying out. To boot it’s packed with natural antioxidants, has antimicrobial properties (it inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms) and it is an antiseptic (It literally destroys microbes, inhibits their growth preventing and even counteracts their pathogenic action). These super properties mean it acts as an active protective barrier while allowing the skin to breathe, repair, soothe and nourish.

Cycling often leads to saddle sores and prevention is better than cure. Our chamois balm is concentrated and contains pure essential oils to help maintain skin health and comfort. This class leading chamois will keep you pedaling for miles. It contains calendula, beeswax and teatree for the ultimate palm and paraben free natural chamois. Perfect for road cycling, mountain biking and everyday cyclists. This 100% bee natural chamois unlike competitors contains active ingredients that help with healing  Bikes & adventures- chamois balms, lip balms and hand salves for the outdoors Being outside is brilliant but can be hard on your skin. The wind often leads to dry skin and the rain causes a lot of chaffing from cycling! After many requests to make lip balms and salves to help mitigate the effects of being out in the environment the adventure range was born.

The natural chamois is tested by a large number of athletes across many disciplines of cycling. The chamois cream is not diluted with chemicals that dry skin and reduce the lifespan of the product making one of the longest lasting chamois balms you will ever use. The chamois cream contain raw, natural and fatty oils which are much kinder to skin and ultimately last longer. Additionally, for our bum-ble bee chamois balm I have sourced the highest quality of essential oils that are made within the UK. These oils are not just there as a scent but serve to act as a natural antimicrobial (coconut), antiseptic (tea tree, bergamot) and analgesic (bergamot)... who wouldn't want a natural form of pain relief :). The feedback has been good enough for them to use instead of the leading chamois cream brands, this chamois balm really does treat and reducing chaffing and discomfort while cycling. Our lip balms and hand salves are developed along similar principals using raw essential oils that are treated with care and work well to hydrate and maintain skin health. The beeswax in these products is a great barrier and its antimicrobial properties help with your mouth health too.

All these products are created by someone who has spent many hundreds of hours in the outdoors and understands the demands it has.