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This wash is designed to be gentle & work well for sensitive skin. Every single ingredient has been selected to make the wash as gentle & effective as possible. The main ingredient is soaporina. This is a plant that grows exceptionally well in the British climate & was used as the ancient way of making a liquid wash. Soapwort is full of saponins, the stuff that makes soap, soapy. When soapwort is steeped in water it releases these saponins. Soapwort is so gentle that it is still used in museums today to wash ancient & important textiles. By using soapwort we are able to avoid a lot of highly refined chemicals that are irritating to skin & leave you feeling squeeky, dry & in need of moisture after washing.

Baobab oil is a full of omega-3 fatty acid essential in keeping the youthful appearance of skin. Baobab trees grow in extremely challenging environments where water is scarce, as a consequence they hold a phenomenal amount of water in their trunks. Baobab literally translates as tree of life. Due to this high water content the tree oil is hydrophobic (water repelling) which in turn makes it highly beneficial for skin once absorbed.


The other surfactants (cleaning agents) in the wash are entirely natural. We have carefully selected these surfactants as they naturally bond to oils & dirt. This allows them to carry away dirt without interfering with the normal function, PH & structure of the skin.


Honey is a staple feature of our range. Its function within the wash is both as a humectant (helping the skin retain water) & as an anti-bacterial, microbial & fungal agent helping remove any pathogens before then can disrupt, damage & irritate your skin.

Honey Bee Wash

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