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Around the world using traditional authentic unrefined, cold processed raw ingredients.


Natural Little Bee was established because our daughter who suffered with Eczema when she was born. Reluctant to use steroid based creams I researched natural alternatives that our ancestors used around the world & still use to this day.

1-      Africa – Unrefined organic shea butter (for eczema prone skin)

2-      Tropics - organic coconut  Oil (again for eczema prone skin)

3-      Europe- Beeswax & honey (eczema prone skin)

We decided to bring three continents together as these significant ingredients contain exceptional nourishing, soothing and anti-bacterial properties that are effective for your skin.

Studies have shown that working with organic unrefined oils retain their natural properties, unlike refined oils. We ensure our butters and oils are sourced ethically & only use native beeswax from our trusted independent beekeepers. We are lucky in that there’s no agricultural farming that use pesticides in the Tweed Valley. We are currently in the motion of ensuring that our native black bee is protected and will be able to thrive in the valley. This project is ongoing so please keep checking our bee project page for updates.


Cold processed Raw Unrefined Shea Butter- Why?


Safe for babies, eczema prone & sensitive skin


The application of Unrefined Shea butter on the skin dates back as early as Ancient Egypt & has been used for dry & sensitive skin. This butter can be used on babies & has a natural UVA & UVB SPF of around 6 barrier this can be used in combination with your regular sunscreen.

I am currently formulating a natural mineral SPF containing natural ingredients- keep your eyes peeled for this 😊



Organic Cold Processed Coconut oil- why?

Safe for babies, eczema prone & sensitive skin

Organic Coconut oil benefits:-  According to (NLOM 2019) a study was taken on 727 infants & the outcome was that the topical application of coconut may reduce the risk of infection & improve weight gain and skin condition in preterm infants.

A combination of these three powerful ingredients, considering they are organic, unrefined and not bleached or stripped of its natural properties create the ultimate powerful balm for your skin.


Beeswax- this is not to be taken lightly…

Our key ingredient

Honey & beeswax are a humectant, this allows your skin to absorb and retain moisture to keep it from drying out. It’s also packed with natural antioxidants as well as antiseptic & antimicrobial properties (this means that it inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms). Honey is an agent that destroys microbes, inhibits their growth preventing and even counteracts their pathogenic action. These super properties mean it acts as a protective barrier while allowing the skin to breathe, repair, soothe and nourish.


Our passion for bees started when our next-door neighbour, Mark kept bees & I asked if I could use his beeswax for my daughter’s skin. Little did I know I would become seriously dedicated to researching our native black bee. I am passionate about ensuring we use the best of the best ingredients but in turn, I want to ensure we replenish & put back what we use. We are in the early stages of the Bee Project which will not only have a dermatological hypothesis but a conservational outcome too.


Where our ingredients are sourced.

If you don’t already know our beeswax is locally sourced with a high percentage of the beeswax we use the beekeepers bees have been genetically tested. This means there is a high percentage of black beeswax in our products. Why black beeswax. We are undergoing a study called the Black Bee Project. For further information on this please visit our website and follow the link. This study is in it’s early sages of development. Nonetheless an exciting project working with experts within their field.


We have discussed the quality of our beeswax & how we source it. We would also like to tell you a little bit about what else we use and source including the organic coconut & unrefined shea butter. Every single ingredient is carefully selected to not only be the highest quality but to also ensure it’s ethically sourced. The unrefined raw shea butter is cold processed which means although it may have it’s distinctive smoky odour it is high in anti-oxidants, is anti-inflammatory & will hydrate and soothe the skin. So, in a nutshell, organic-cold processed and unrefined is key. Going back to our ethically sourced ingredient. We have sourced this shea butter from not a local company but a company who source direct from a cooperative of over 600 women in Ghana. This supports a community of over 3000 people to facilitate fresh drinking water. Alike the shea, our coconut oil is sourced ethically from the same company to ensure we provide the highest quality ingredients.

Our packaging is designed to last. We have refill options, biodegradable labels & recyclable packaging.

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