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Working with the NHS

Some of you will be aware this all started as a way of treating our childrens eczema. Both of our children suffered chronic eczema from birth and our first was directed onto steriods at only a few months old. Steriods absolutley have their place and are highly effective at getting things under control but as a long term treatment are know to have life long side effects. So with lots of research we eventually came across a study suggesting that beeswax when used in the right combination can reduce the need and use of steriods by 75% which is undeniably significant.

The Bee Balm that Nicki created had an undeniable and rapid effect on the eczema and the Children have never required steriods since.

Fast forward a year or two and all of the products that She has formulated are helping many people manage the dry, difficult and damaged skin more effectivley and without the need for Steroids and more invasive treatments.

There is nothing more rewarding than someone excitiedly aproaching us at an event to tell us about the difference that the products have made to their skin and their life.

Early this year an NHS partner approached us with a very exciting offer. They were offering us the chance to appear in NHS patient literature to promote the benefits of the products to Mothers and Babies in an amazing full circle moment. The idea that the NHS has enough belief in the products to offer such an oppourtunity is humbling.

Never intent to rest on our laurels we are always looking to enhance the effectivness of the products that Nicki has created. This is where the Black Bee Project comes in. Working with leading academics in the field of bees we are close to confirming something that we believe about the particular effectivness of our special Native Black Bees.

Can you spot the finger pot from amazing local ceramicist Belinda Glennon?

To sum up, the recognition of the NHS for the products is a fantastic achievement and an endorsment for the effectivness of these products for damaged sensative and Eczema prone skin. We would also like to point out that the properties in the wax and other natural, organic and unrefined ingredients create a product that will work amazingly well for all skin types too!

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